First Month, Postpartum Exercise

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Being pregnant is one of the most miraculous, uncomfortable, self-evolving experiences a woman will ever go through. One of the most common concerns is: Will I ever get my body back??? I hate to break it to you, but no… you will never get your body back. Not the way it was when you were five years young, sixteen or twenty-five. Life is ever evolving and so are you! However you will eventually get it back to yourself, after you’re done sharing your uterus and breasts (for some) with your precious little miracle.

Embracing the change doesn’t mean giving up hope. You can still be a mom and drop dead gorgeous, in fact, I believe you can be in better shape after having kids… if you have the gusto and will to make it happen. As far as how soon you can exercise depends on your condition after labor. Most healthcare providers recommend waiting until six weeks postpartum. Even with my easy, painless labor I can understand why they want you to wait. It takes time for the body to revert back to it’s normal shape and strength.

Common, you just created and unleashed a live human being!

Here is what I did for the first 4 Weeks Postpartum:

Week 1: REST! Spend time connecting with baby family.

Week 2: Simple housework, extremely short walks (like getting the mail or walking the dog around the building). Feel it out!

Week 3: Increased walking duration and length. Was walking one to two miles about 2-3x daily by the end of the week.

Week 4: Continued walking and introduced mild, spot stretching.

(Please keep in mind, you should always listen to your body, only do what is comfortable and get clearance from your healthcare provider before participating or attempting any strenuous physical activity. The goal is not to “push it” for the time being.)