Ideals are not so Ideal

I used to be a person of ideals. In all honesty, I still am most of the time. Ideally I like things to be a certain way and I like to gain an understanding for them so I can prepare myself efficiently so as to avoid as many inconveniences as possible. I’ll tell you how well that one works. It doesn’t.

When I first discovered I was pregnant I was so hyped about what baby gear I would need, types of parenting, and how my baby was or wasn’t going to be. I thought I was better prepared than most moms and confidently awaited this new person who was to accompany me in my life journeys. You see, ideally, raising a baby would be an easy thing. I had no other agendas in my life, I had rid myself of my conscious fears, and the whole attachment parenting thing made sense to me. People who had sour babies, in my mind, were sour parents. Probably ones that didn’t give their child enough comfort or who were to busy feeling like their child was an inconvenient obligation. After my first child I thought I could better prepare for the second and have this one be different. The truth is, no matter how much we attempt to prepare we cannot prepare enough for life’s inconveniences. If we were actually prepared it wouldn’t be an inconvenience.

So there are three life lessons I learned in the experience of two (call them what you will) high needs, colicky, fussy babies…

1. Prepare to be unprepared.

2. Get off my damn high horse and don’t judge.

3. Ideals are not so ideal.


One thought on “Ideals are not so Ideal

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